Powerful, Persuasive Writing Changes Lives!


Dear reader … a quick note about this book.

“Write to Influence!” teaches you tools and strategies to compose a hard-hitting, compelling case to persuade the audience to your point of view.

It is not a grammar book nor does it teach specific processes/mechanics of writing a grant or proposal. Book shelves are already lined with fine products that achieve that.

My niche is unique, specific, and cuts horizontally across the functional topics listed in the subtitle. If you can’t tell that compelling story … game over. That’s where I help!

Happy 1st Birthday to “Write to Influence!”

Following My Dream — Helping Others Help Themselves

Write to Influence!, award-winning book, celebrates its 1st birthday

Powerful writing can change your life!

You may be the best qualified candidate—hands down—for a job, promotion, academic scholarship, or other goal, but if the competition is better at telling a story and writes more powerfully, you lose.

Why? The competition wrote better!

People, businesses, and organizations deserve to succeed but often fail.

Why? Inability to write persuasively holds them back.

Simply stated, powerful writing correlates directly to success, both business and personal.

The award-winning Write to Influence! by Carla D. Bass, Colonel, USAF (Ret) comes to the rescue …

Apply writing tools and strategies to build your case and beat the competition.

This book is  lighthearted and conversational in tone, entertaining to read, easily understood, and chock-full of practical advice.

Clear, focused, and persuasive text often tips the balance between success and failure. Carla demonstrates these lessons against the backdrop of resumes, email, and professional presentations and reinforces them with 200 exercises and solutions.

Write to Influence! is for the individual and corporate, private business, government and military communities, and non-government organizations. Its writing techniques are also for students in junior high school and above—they, too, deserve these tools to succeed in  future endeavors.

Choose Write to Influence! when powerful writing is paramount to your goals.

Write to Influence! is based on the acclaimed class Carla taught to thousands of Air Force members for 15 years. Feedback confirmed time and again that these techniques opened doors to opportunities.

Businesses Using Write to Influence!

Write to Influence! In Public Libraries (Let me know if you are aware of others!)

Carla D. Bass, author of "Write to Influence!" ... a book on powerful, persuasive writing

Carla D. Bass Colonel, USAF (Ret), Author of Award-winning, “Write to Influence!”

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About the Author

Carla D. Bass, Colonel, USAF (Ret) served 30 years active duty, working directly with general officers and civilian equivalents, ambassadors, congressional delegations, and foreign dignitaries.

She wrote hundreds of personnel appraisals, award nominations, and other competitive packages; reports for senior military leaders; letters for executive-level signature; elevator speeches and executive memoranda.

Much of what she wrote was sent to Congress and senior leaders in federal agencies. She composed and delivered succinct presentations to individuals for whom five minutes was significant.

In all instances, every word and each second of the audience’s time counted… READ MORE