Powerful Resume Examples

Influential writing Is key to a great resume, Tools and strategies in “Write to Influence!” help tip the balance between success and failure.

Situation — The clock ticks … you have a fleeting opportunity to persuade the audience that your message is worth considering. And, that’s the easy part!

Now — to succeed — you must retain the attention by crafting a finely honed, riveting, and powerful message.

Book by Carla D. Bass teaches how to compose standout resumes with influential writing.

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Provided below are two resumes, each in three versions: the ineffective Before, Analysis (step by step transformation), and the Final.

Resume Example #1 belongs to a recent college graduate. Skilled — no doubt.

However, his resume failed to convey his attributes or set him apart from the competition.

Resume Example #2 is based on an individual already in the workforce; however, as written, the Before was definitely an impediment to landing new jobs .

Many lessons can be learned from these resume examples. See if you can find the following teaching points:

  • Useless Words

  • Don’t Hog Space

  • Gibberish — Avoid It!

  • Don’t Bury the Nugget

  • Verbs Are Your Friends

  • Strategic placement of story lines

  • Make Your Case

  • Clinch the Deal

  • Redundancy

Here is a sample of what you’ll find …


  • Responsible for creating weekly status reports

  • Maintain office’s correspondence

  • Responsible for maintaining and coordinating multiple shared calendars for CTO briefings

  • Responsible for scheduling conference rooms and VTC

  • Maintain office’s Tracking system

After: Created weekly status reports, maintained and coordinated four shared calendars for division directors, scheduled conference rooms and VTC meetings, and maintained the tracking system for approximately 350 incoming/outgoing tasks


  • Group these five administrative items into a single bullet. More efficient, saves space, and easier for the reader.

  • Begin each item with an action verb. {Italics added here to highlight action}

  • Specify quantity instead of “multiple.”

  • Correct error in capitalizing, “Tracking.”

  • Scope the task … How many tasks did the individual track?

Example 1 Resume Before

Example 1 Resume_Analysis

Example 1 Resume_Final

Example 2 Resume_Before

Example 2 Resume_Analysis

Example 2 Resume_Final