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Customers Agree — Write to Influence! Workshops Are Great!

Fun, interactive, engaging … tools & strategies for power writing

Write to Influence! and application for college essays. Workshop at Bull Run Regional Library

Carla D. Bass following workshop, “Write to Influence! — College Essays that Open Doors” at Bull Run Regional Library

Carla D. Bass teaches influential writing at workshop at Bull Run Regional Library

Author, Carla D. Bass, teaching workshop at Bull Run Regional Library

Teaching teens “College Applications: Essays that Open Doors”

Final session on “Write to Influence! — College Essays that Open Doors” … another home run! Smaller gathering than last week but oh-so energized! I adore working with teenagers — From my librarian sponsor:

Ms. Bass, thank you so much for coming and sharing your expertise! Everyone you spoke to seemed very engaged and invested, so that was wonderful! Thank you for your presentation and we look forward to working with you in the future. … Rosanne North-Jack, Bull Run Library


Author, Carla D. Bass, teaches workshop on Write to Influence! to teens at public library in Prince William county

Author, Carla D. Bass, Teaches Workshop — College Application Essays That Open Doors

Teaching teens “College Applications: Essays that Open Doors”

Amazing night in Montclair! 40 … yes, 40 teens and assorted parents attended my workshop, “Write to Influence! – College Essays that Open Doors.”

Atmosphere — electric. Interchange – dynamic. Audience – engaged. Ended with rousing applause. When I asked, “Did this help?” … Walls reverberated with, “Yes!”

Don’t just accept my assessment … please, read on!

— Transform that college essay from a pumpkin to an elegant ride to university! My wife, son, and I attended Carla’s workshop on College essay writing and were hooked.  We bought this book and have been devouring it.  I am recommending it to our son’s English teacher as an invaluable teaching aid.  Fantastic job, Carla!  Thank you!!!  S. Néné

— “I am a programming coordinator for a busy public library system in northern Virginia and have been working with Col. Bass on bringing her workshops to our libraries. Not only am I getting rave reviews from library staff and patrons, but I also used Carla’s book for my own presentation on writing concise descriptions in library communications.”


Carla D. Bass conducted workshop on influential writing for employees of Defense Intelligence Agency

Author, Carla D. Bass, Taught Workshop on Write to Influence! to DIA Employees

“The room was packed – more than 100 attendees and others participating via VTC. Her message was simple, “Powerful writing changes lives … It is also the lifeblood of effective operations.” This describes the 90-minute workshop Carla D. Bass, Colonel, USAF (Ret) conducted at the Defense Intelligence Agency. Her presentation was interactive, entertaining and, most importantly, effective.

The audience responded with rave reviews, comments ranging from “phenomenal” to “a breath of fresh air” and suggestions that she return.

Carla urges, “Empathize with the reader — Apply these tools to banish bureaucratic blather, so endemic in official writing.” Her methods apply to an expansive range of products: personnel appraisals, job descriptions, resumes, analytical products, responses to Congressional Directed Actions, budget justifications, essentially any official written communication.”

Teaching Teens How to Write Powerful Essays for College Applications

Author Teaches Teens Powerful Writing Techniques at Chinn Park Regional Public Library

Happiness … Teaching teens to write college application essays

I conducted the first of six workshops for Prince William county public library this fall. The room was packed! Everyone took notes — yes, pen and paper — and offered profound thanks when departing.  What a session!

From the library: “Thank-you for a wonderful and very impressive presentation on techniques in your book, “Write to Influence!”

From interested demonstrated throughout, the teens truly benefited from the writing techniques and strategies you shared. Your dedication to empowering others through their own writing certainly shone through.

Jane Drabkin, Chinn Park Regional Library”

You should have seen their expressions when I challenged, “Explain everything significant you’ve done this past year in 1,500 CHARACTERS (not words).” Response, “Ooooohhhh!”


Carla, Jim Bellas, and Staff at Diplomatic Language Services Following Business Writing Workshop on "Write to Influence!" and Power Writing Techniques

Carla, Jim Bellas, and Staff at Diplomatic Language Services Following Workshop on “Write to Influence!” and Power Writing Techniques

Write to Influence! Fundamentals for Business Professionals

A very worthwhile workshop – well done!

The presentation on Word Sculpting Fundamentals was educational and engaging!  The practice exercises were applicable and challenging.

I recommend this workshop to others and we will use the tools presented to advance our communication.

Jim Bellas, CEO, Diplomatic Language Services

Carla D. Bass with students following a writing workshop teaching power writing techniques to 7th grade class., based on "Write to Influence!"

Author, Carla Bass, following a workshop with some 7th grade students at Hill School.

Workshop for Middle Grade Students — Essential Tools for Powerful Writing

What a treat to have Carla Bass, author of Write to Influence!, speak to my 7th and 8th grade English classes.

Her presentation on powerful writing, which included tips on streamlining, editing redundancies, and using strong verbs, was specific, useful, and tailored for middle school students.

She included time to respond, discuss, and practice throughout her presentation.

Col. Bass kept my students’ attention with her effortlessly commanding presence and warm demeanor as well as her excellent presentation.

In classes following her visit, my students often referred to her presentation. One student wrote in her end-of-year self-assessment, “I have been trying to use the toolbox Col. Bass told us about, and I think my writing has gotten better.”

I warmly recommend Col. Bass to other schools.

Jillian M. Beifuss, English Dept. Chair

The Hill School, Middleburg, VA 20118

Carla D. Bass signing Write to Influence!, powerful writing techniques for high school seniors following a writing workshop

Powerful Writing Techniques Set FCS Seniors for Success

Write to Influence! Power Writing Workshop for High School Seniors

Carla did an amazing job engaging with our students on her excellent tips to improve writing. Her workshop was positive, fun, stimulating, and engaging! She presented the material as an intellectual game — students rose to the challenge!

Carla and her workshop have our highest endorsement.

We gifted each graduating senior with a copy of Write to Influence!, setting them up for future success!

Jo A. S. Thoburn

President & CEO, Fairfax Christian School