Business Writing Workshops

“Write to Influence!” in a Competitive World

Powerful Writing … for Professionals

Time is money – unintelligible writing wastes it. Unintelligible writing also corrodes the goals of growing a business, managing a large organization, or effectively operating our government.

Through these interactive, engaging, and entertaining workshops, learn tools and strategies to infuse your products with clarity, focus, direction, and purpose.

  • Compose reports – crisp, concise, and convincing – devoid of bureaucratic gibberish
  • Write professional, polished, and effective email
  • Develop and deliver presentations that are focused and compelling

Private business, NGOs, corporations working with the government, and government employees can all benefit from these three workshops, tailored to meet your needs. Need something else? Let’s talk.

Powerful Writing … for Professionals. Duration: Tailored to your needs … 1 hour through 2-full days.

Sway the reader to your point of view. Present a case that is well organized, powerful, and compelling. Your ability – or inability – to write often tips the balance between success and failure.

  • Learn to structure and organize your message for maximum impact
  • Identify, quantify, and showcase hard-hitting facts to make your case
  • Discover strategies to compose products to gain that competitive edge and clinch the deal

Ace Your Performance Review.  Duration: Tailored to your needs … 1 hour – 2 hours

“Submit input for your performance appraisal – I need it tomorrow,” words from the boss that people dread. Writing about yourself is a chore many abhor. Why?

  • It seems like bragging.
  • Panic strikes as you wonder, “What the heck did I do last year?”
  • This data influences your future promotion, pay raises, selective assignments, and more. No pressure there!
  • Coups de grace … You are allocated a finite space (sometimes as little as 1,500 characters) to make your case.

Posture yourself for success … learn:

  • 10 strategies to capture and present most hard-hitting, relevant data
  • 6 tools to convey the data, leveraging allocated space to your advantage and making each word count

Write to Influence! – Expunge the FatPut Your Writing on a Diet. Duration: 1 hour – 2 hours

Grabbing and maintaining the reader’s attention begins at the sentence-level – building blocks for an influential product.  If written well, the reader is left figuratively breathless and nodding in agreement with your points.

  • Learn to write powerful, no-nonsense sentences that pack a punch
  • 10 Word Sculpting tools to trim useless words, sequence thoughts, and avoid gibberish
  • Gain clarity, focus, and precision to better make your case and influence the reader

Demystify Commas!  Complex Made Easy in 10 Minutes

  • Commas in a Series
  • Commas and Adjectives
  • Commas with Various Clauses

The comma … most frequently and incorrectly used punctuation in professional writing. Learn when to use … and not to use … commas for clarity and precision in your products.

Customer Reviews

“Powerful Writing … for Professionals,” at the VA Women Veterans Summit

  • Session Attendance 40. Feedback from 35. Per survey participants:
  • 100% strongly agreed/agreed that your session was beneficial.
  • 95% strongly agreed/agreed you were knowledgeable about your subject matter.
  • 100% strongly agreed/agreed they were pleased with your session overall.
  • 95% strongly agreed/agreed they would like a similar session at next year’s summit.

Specific comments: Amazing; Awesome; Wish I learned sooner; Speak longer; Changing my writing style now!; 30 + similar accolades.

“Powerful Writing … for Professionals,” Guest Lecturer at George Washington University’s Government Contracting Master’s Program.

Students were experienced professionals in contracting, many were prior military. One posted on LinkedIn … “Thank you Carla Bass for your eye-opening workshop last night! I learned more there than any of my writing courses thus far! Carla is a professional writing coach and author and we are so glad to have had her.”

“Powerful Writing … for Professionals,” at the Defense Intelligence Agency

The room was packed – 100 + attendees. The audience responded with rave reviews, comments ranging from “phenomenal” to “a breath of fresh air” and requests that she return.

“Overview — Powerful Writing … for Professionals” Presented to the Faculty of Defense Intelligence Agency’s National Intelligence University (NIU)

This was an overview and discussion of writing tools and strategies contained in “Write to Influence!” Subsequent email, “Thank you for a wonderful presentation!” Now working with NIU.

“Write to Influence! — Ace Your Annual Review!” Delivered as Community Service at Public Library

“Thank you so much for delivering such a wonderful presentation … “Ace Your Annual Review!” … to our patrons!  The program was really well done; we all learned so much and you gave great advice.

“Fantastic! I learned so much and will apply this at work!”

“Write to Influence!” Fundamentals for Business Professionals

Well done! A very worthwhile workshop! The presentation on Word Sculpting Fundamentals was educational and engaging! The practice exercises were applicable and challenging. I recommend this workshop to others and we will use the tools presented to advance our communication. Jim Bellas, CEO, Diplomatic Language Services

Powerful Writing – The Lifeblood for Successful Organizations

10 Reasons Why the Boss Needs a Staff That Can Write … Well

  1. Defend your castle – Resources are tight — Stave off budget cuts. Make a persuasive case to retain your assets.
  2. Expand your empire – Have a brilliant idea for a new initiative but lack resources? Compose a powerful justification to make that case.
  3. Extend your influence – Develop alliances with other organizations – leverage their connections, assets, and influence in a common cause. But, you must persuade them to join you.
  4. Brief the boss or other executives – Seconds and words count – Your reputation and the project’s success are on the line.
  5. Promote and retain in-house talent – Compose powerful, effective, and precise personnel reviews to promote talented people. This helps them, develops staff loyalty, and … therefore, helps the organization.
  6. Develop in-house talent – Create effective and memorable in-house training programs.
  7. Beat the competition for bids or in major award programs – Stand out from the crowd. Win those bids or accolades/recognition for your company and people.
  8. Broadcast and leverage good news – Trumpet via articles, blogs, press releases, newsletters, etc.
  9. Defend the boss’ signature/reputation – Only quality products should bear his or her name.
  10. Work the occasional miracle — “They” say, “It can’t be done.” … Make the case and prove them wrong!