College Essay Writing Workshops

College Essay – “Write to Influence!” – Make Each Word Count!

I open with my battle cry … “Powerful writing changes lives.” It opens doors to opportunity that would otherwise remain closed and often tips the balance between success and failure.

For many of you, this essay will be your initial exposure to truly competitive writing. Your opportunities may literally depend on how well you write.

In the business world – and this essay is business — writing is constrained by two factors: time and space.

  • The reader’s time is measured in seconds; it is fleeting (as are opportunities you seek)
  • Space available to make your case is finite

Your goal — make each word count and every second of the reader’s time play to your advantage.

Don’t be intimidated by the college essay. It is an invitation to shine, revealing something that your grades and test scores can’t—your personality! This essay gives admission officers a sense of who you are. With that, let me introduce one of my most popular workshops …

“Write to Influence!” — College Essays that Open Doors. Duration: 1 hour to 2 hours

“And we should select you because … ?” What makes you unique? What makes you stand out from others competing for that same college? How can you add dimension to the student body?

The college essay—an invitation to shine! It reveals something your grades and test scores can’t—your personality! The sole purpose of the essay is to peel back the curtain, giving evaluators a peek at the factors that make you … you … your unique background, interests, and personality. Be honest, genuine, and thoughtful. Learn:

  • Strategies to identify attention-getting themes that are significant to you
  • Tools for writing powerful, no-nonsense sentences that pack a punch
  • What works and what doesn’t when responding to essay prompts
  • The final touches … revision, editing, and proofreading

Reviews — “Write to Influence!” — College Essays that Open Doors

Amazing event: A rainy, Monday night and 40, yes, 40 teens and some parents attended my workshop, “Write to Influence! – College Essays that Open Doors.”

Atmosphere — electric. Interchange – dynamic. Audience – engaged. The session ended with rousing applause. When I asked, “Did this help?”The walls reverberated with a resounding, “Yes!” Specific comments included:

  • The workshop opened my eyes about how to write.
  • It was extremely helpful and illustrative, so I payed attention. No recommended improvements or additions, it was perfect.
  • I enjoyed it a lot … very interactive.
  • I liked it, I learned a lot of new skills.
  • This workshop was very helpful with writing papers and preparing for colleges and scholarships.
  • It was informative and made good points. I learned more about what application officers are looking for and what they don’t want.

Comments from other presentations:

  • Compelling and inspirational! Make them give you more time to present
  • Enjoyable and informative! Having us participate allowed us to understand the techniques more easily. Keep doing what you do!
  • This is a great class! Wish I had it earlier!
  • Great class, concepts, and messages!

Transform that college essay from a pumpkin to an elegant ride to university! My wife, son, and I attended Carla’s workshop on writing the essay for college applications and were hooked. We bought this book and have been devouring it. I am recommending it to our son’s English teacher as an invaluable teaching aid. Fantastic job, Carla! Thank you!!! S. Néné

I am a programming coordinator for a busy public library system in northern Virginia and have been working with Col. Bass on bringing her workshops to our libraries. Not only am I getting rave reviews from library staff and patrons, but I also used Carla’s book for my own presentation on writing concise descriptions in library communications.

“Write to Influence!” Workshop for High School Seniors

Carla did an amazing job engaging with our students on her excellent tips to improve writing. Her workshop was positive, fun, stimulating, and engaging! She presented the material as an intellectual game — students rose to the challenge! Carla and her workshop have our highest endorsement. We gifted each graduating senior with a copy of Write to Influence!, setting them up for future success! Jo A. S. Thoburn, President & CEO, Fairfax Christian School