Double Tap Writing — Recognize and Avoid

Write to Influence! and avoid double tap writing

Double Tap Writing Wastes Time and Space

I developed another “mini” technique I’d like to share, “double tap.” This form of sloppy writing comes in two varieties; writers should avoid both.

The first relates to verbs. We often write as we speak (something else to avoid) … “We met to discuss the plans for next week.” This exemplifies the “double tap” verb – the first … “met” … is a preliminary action to the second … “discuss.”

Ask yourself – Is it necessary to the meaning of your sentence to include both actions? Perhaps simply state, “We discussed the plans for next week.” Similar situation … “The coached sent an email telling the team the time for practice.” What’s the double tap verb here?  Get it?

The second type of double tap is when the author uses two almost identical words. For example, “The leaves turned a lovely golden/amber color.”  Either word works but select one.  Here’s another example, “The team examined new measures/methods to more expeditiously share information.” Again, select one.

Remember, powerful writing is constrained by space and time. Double taps waste both.