Powerful Writing Workshops for Business, Academia & More

Powerful Writing Opens Doors

Leverage Words to Your Advantage

Workshops customized to your needs — business, academic (middle school thru college), government, military, NGO, and personal. Duration can range from one-hour to a two-day workshop. Learn writing skills to make every second of the READER’S time play to YOUR advantage.

Below are descriptions of my most popular offerings.

Ace Your Performance Review

  • 10 tips to capture and present most hard-hitting, relevant data

  • 6 tools to convey the data, leveraging allocated space to your advantage and making each word count

“I need input for your performance appraisal – tomorrow,” words from the boss that people dread. Adding to the stress, this is central to your future promotion, pay raises, selective assignments, and more.

Writing about yourself is a chore many abhor. First, it seems like bragging. Second, you must determine, “What the heck did I do last year?”  The coups de grace … you are allocated a finite space (sometimes as little as 1,500 characters) to make your case.

This workshop takes the sting out of this task and helps you posture yourself for success.

Powerful Writing – The Lifeblood for Successful Organizations — Infuse Products with Clarity, Focus, Direction, and Purpose

  • Compose reports – crisp, concise, and convincing – devoid of bureaucratic gibberish

  • Professional, polished, and effective email … What a grand idea!

  • Write and deliver presentations that are focused and compelling

Time is money – unintelligible writing wastes it and is corrosive to goals of growing a business, managing a large organization, or effectively operating our government. Private business, NGOs, corporations working with the government, and government staff can all benefit from this cut-to-the-chase … write clearly … presentation.

 Powerful Writing Changes Lives! Write a Resume that Stands Out – For All the Right Reasons

  • Achieve your goals with dynamic, focused, hard-hitting text to WOW the reader

  • 10 tips to assemble and present your professional life story

  • Learn what NOT to include — Information that slams shut the door to opportunity

Stark reality – You may be the best-qualified candidate but if the competition is better at telling a story, you lose. Learn to make every word and each second of the reader’s time play to your advantage in this all-important, often single piece of paper.

“Abracadabra” – Words Really Do Open Doors … to Opportunity!  Grants, Fellowships, Scholarships, Bid Proposals and More

  • Learn to structure and organize your message for maximum impact

  • Identify, quantify, and showcase hard-hitting facts to make your case

  • 6 strategies to compose products to gain that competitive edge and clinch the deal

Sway the reader to your point of view. Present a case that is well organized, powerful, and compelling. Your ability – or inability – to write often tips the balance between success and failure. Master this skill to open the door when opportunity knocks!

 Write to Influence! – The Fundamentals Put Your Writing on a Diet – Expunge the Fat

  • Learn to write powerful, no-nonsense sentences that pack a punch

  • 10 Word Sculpting tools to trim useless words, sequence thoughts, and avoid gibberish

  • Gain clarity, focus, and precision to better make your case and influence the reader

Can be tailored for audiences as young as junior high school. Grabbing and maintaining the reader’s attention begins at the sentence-level – building blocks for an influential product.  If written well, the reader is left figuratively breathless and nodding in agreement with your points. Also for fiction writers!

Write to Influence! For TeensLand That Job! Writing Resumes and Job Interviews

  • 5 Word Sculpting tools to learn the fundamentals of powerful writing

  • Strategies to craft powerful resumes – even for those new to the workforce

  • Practice interview techniques based on actual interview questions

Everyone begins somewhere! Demystify the process of interviewing for a job. Start by learning how to write a powerful, attention-grabbing resume. Next, become familiar with standard interview questions. Learn to prepare and deliver spot-on responses!

Write to Influence! College Applications — The Essay that Opens Doors

  • Strategies to identify attention-getting themes

  • Tools for writing powerful, no-nonsense sentences that pack a punch

  • What works and what doesn’t in responding to essay prompts

The college essay—an invitation to shine! It reveals something your grades and test scores can’t—your personality! Make each word count and every second of the admission officers’ time play to your advantage.

Demystify Commas!  Complex Made Easy in 10 Minutes

  • Commas in a Series

  • Commas and Adjectives

  • Commas with Various Clauses

The comma … most frequently and incorrectly used punctuation in professional writing. Learn when to use … and not to use … commas for clarity and precision in your products.

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