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Carla D. Bass, Author, “Write to Influence!”

Powerful writing paramount to your goals?

Choose Write to Influence!

Problem … You may be the best qualified candidate, but if the competition is better at telling a story, you lose.

Let Carla help! Learn to convey your message with focused intensity — persuade the audience to your point of view.

Powerful writing changes lives, correlates directly to success, and is the lifeblood for successful business. A compelling message often tips the balance between success and failure. 

Carla D. Bass, Colonel, USAF (Ret), knows this well. During her 40-year career (30 in the Air Force and another 10 supporting the federal government), she:

  • Developed unique writing techniques and strategies
  • Taught powerful writing to thousands of professionals for 15 years – to rave reviews
  • Wrote products at the executive level for 40 years — generals, ambassadors, Congress, and the Executive Branch. In all instances, each word and every second of the reader’s time counted.
  • Wrote and published a multiple award-winning book, “Write to Influence!

Read more about Carla here. See the media page for the many articles she’s written, those written about her, and interviews she’s given.

Carla brings her  experience to you in a variety of highly acclaimed workshops that can be tailored to your needs … 60 minutes thru 2-days in length … high school through professionals in the workplace. Interactive, engaging, enjoyable, and effective — here’s what others say …

◊ “Powerful Writing … for Professionals.” Time is money – unintelligible writing wastes it. Private business, NGOs, corporations working with the government, and government staff can all benefit from this cut-to-the-chase … write clearly … workshop.

◊ “Write to Influence! … Ace that Resume.” You may be the best-qualified candidate but if the competition is better at telling a story, you lose. Learn to make every word and each second of the reader’s time play to your advantage in this all-important, often single piece of paper.

◊ “Write to Influence! … Ace Your Performance Review.” Writing about yourself is a chore many abhor: 1) It seems like bragging 2) You must recall, “What did I do last year?”  3) You often have limited space to make your case. Learn to identify and then make your accomplishments Pop!

◊ “Write to Influence! — Secure Those Grants.” Sway the reader to your point of view. Present a case that is well organized, powerful, and compelling. Master this skill to open the door when opportunity knocks!

◊ “Put your Writing on a Diet – Word Sculpting Fundamentals.” Grabbing and maintaining the reader’s attention begins at the sentence-level. If well written, the reader is left nodding in agreement with your points. Can be tailored for audiences as young as junior high school. Also for fiction writers!

◊ “For TeensLand That Job! Writing Resumes and Job Interviews.” Everyone begins somewhere! Demystify the process of the job interview. Learn to write a powerful, attention-grabbing resume. Next, become familiar with standard interview questions. Learn to prepare and deliver spot-on responses!

◊ “Essay for College Applications – Nail It!” The college essay—an invitation to shine! Learn what works and what doesn’t; the critical first step in writing this essay; and tools for writing powerful, no-nonsense text to impress the admission officer … positively!

◊ “Demystify Commas and Other Punctuation Nits.” Complex made easy in 10 minutes. The comma … most frequently and incorrectly used punctuation in professional writing. Learn when to use … and not to use … commas for clarity and precision in your products. Can be added to any workshop.

“Write to Influence!” has garnered three awards, 32 Amazon 5-star reviews, and a plethora of corporate and academic endorsements.

Open doors to opportunity through the power of your own written words — Carla can show you how!

Please note: Her approach to powerful writing cuts horizontally and applies to all of the functional topics in the book’s subtitle. “Write to Influence!” does not address mechanics specific to writing a grant or proposal. Book shelves are lined with fine products in those areas.

Businesses & Academia that Use Write to Influence!

"Write to Influence!" has been recognized in the category of Business: Careers in three major book competitions.

“Write to Influence!” Recognized in 3 Major Book Competitions

  • U.S. Geological Service
  • National Intelligence University
  • George Washington University, Graduate Business School, “Marketing and the Government Marketplace,” taught by Mark Amtower
  • FTI Consulting
  • JMark Services, Inc.
  • Family Insight, P.C.
  • Cleared Solutions, Inc.
  • Diplomatic Language Services

 In Public Libraries 

  • Montgomery County, MD
  • Prince William County, VA
  • Fauquier County, VA
  • Loudoun County, VA
  • Fairfax County, VA
  • Mountain View, CA
  • Boston, MA
  • Atlanta–Fulton, GA
  • Euclid, OH

Interview with Mark Amtower on Federal News Radio

Powerful Writing — Lifeblood of Effective Organizations

Mark Amtower, host of a show on Federal News Radio, about to interview Carla D. Bass, author of "Write to Influence!"

Author, Carla D. Bass, about to begin interview about “Write to Influence!” on Federal News Radio

Carla D. Bass' radio interview about powerful writing in the professional environent

Mark Amtower interviews author, Carla D. Bass about “Write to Influence!” on Federal News Radio (4 X 10 min segments)